Cop Limited Kicks for Profit:
KaiSell Points

What are KSPoints?

KaiSellPoints is our way of allowing active members of the KaiSell community to get the most out of

When you are active on Kai Sell, you get rewarded and these points will be very useful for you when selling on KaiSell.

Since we are in BETA, right now KaiSellPoints will benefit sellers on KaiSell, but when we add in the Premium Account feature, monetary rewards, and other benefits for buyers and sellers alike, these will be even more important.

So What? Why do KS Points matter?

When you get KaiSell Points on KaiSell, you will be able to use these points to pay for features other users will not be able to use. You will have the edge and eliminate the possibility of not being seen.

You will be able to feature your product on the front page of our site, get promotion from iWang815 (7,500+ subscribers on YouTube and 2,000+ followers on Twitter), have your product highlighted, add a subtitle, and other features on the selling page on

How to I earn KaiSell Points?

5 KSP: Logged into (each 24 hours)

1 KSP: Post in the KS Discussion Wall

1 KSP: Post a Comment in the KS Discussion Wall

20 KSP: List an item on

50 KSP: Sell an item on

50 KSP: Buy an item on

10 KSP: Leave Feedback

XYZ KSP: Suggest a great idea in the discussion wall. XYZ will be decided and added after.

How do I use/spend KS Points?

200 KSP: Front Page Feature/Guaranteed Post on iWang815 (7.5K Subscribers/2K Followers)

100 KSP: Highlighted Post

50 KSP: Subtitle on Post

Will be many more ways to use KSPoints to your advantage as KaiSell updates each day! If you have suggestions that can help both you and our site grow, suggest it! We want to disrupt and revolutionize the entire buying and selling industry!