Cop Limited Kicks for Profit:

I hate writing this, but it has to be done. will not be running anymore.

It's not due to failure, or anything of that nature. We were legitimately on the road to success.

We hit 10,000 members in our first 4 months of coming online, and that was only the beginning. In April we had over 100K unique visitors and over 1 million page views.

So why are we stopping? Am I lying about these numbers? Kidding around? Or just plain stupid?

No. Maybe the last one but we were on track to hit the 2 year plan of 100,000 users easily with continued growth over time.

I had been sleeping 4 hours a night, development had slowed down, my grades had tanked, I was half-assing iWang, not responding to emails, and overall, just not enjoying anything.

Even though we were "successful," I'd fallen off. On release days, at the beginning of iWang815 (that was iJustGotWanged), I would be up at 7am (8am EST release times back then, right before I went to AAU practice for basketball) hacking away at different scripts, figuring out patterns for links, responding to comments, and overall just loving the entire grind of helping out the community for the fun of it. But since my sleep schedule became worse and worse, I wasn't ever up on KaiSell to talk to you about releases. I woke up at 2PM on most release dates, not even caring about the game anymore.

So what's the plan Kev? Are you just leaving?

While I am leaving KaiSell behind, I will be keeping iWang up. I cannot thank you guys enough for 10,000 subscribers and I will be giving-away shoes for free in support of those who helped me.

I feel that iWang became too much of a business, rather than what it was meant to be: a leveling-out of the playing field for sneakerheads around the globe. To get back to that, I've hired a support team and an engineer to help with providing faster responses as I'm the worst at those, and a programmer to help further our already made bots. With me, I will go back to making sneaker videos every week to help you out.

I am also making this move as I have a new brainchild that I'm working on as a community for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals. It could definitely be beneficial for you as well, considering many in the sneaker game run some type of business around this. So iWang will be run with a better team and go back to what it was meant to be, and I will be spending most of my time on the new project, which won't be half-assed. I realized how to say "no" to others a long time ago, but it's much harder to say "no" to my own ideas. That's why I'm only running iWang, which is to be run by more people to help you and to take less time for me, and then build the next project to it's full potential. At the time of KaiSell, I'd been working on iWang, KaiSell, a gaming project, school, extracurriculars, and once again, I fell off.

If you've ever needed anything that I haven't responded to, or a refund, the support email is

I'm writing this at 2AM, not because I'm still on the miserable sleep schedule that I used to be on (I'm now sleeping well for once and making things clear in my head), but because I was sleepless thinking about how I would actually give up KaiSell, a growing platform that could've revolutionized the sneaker game with a few more tweaks.

This was a great journey, having fun during nights before releases just talking and chilling in the live chat, messing around with giveaway competitions, debating on if a person should be banned or not, and just learning so much about running a community and being a part of one.

I am still emotionally invested in this project that my partners and I created over the past year through developments, launches, crashes, and successes. It's hard to leave behind but in my opinion, it's better for you to have a full-backed half in iWang than a half-assed whole in iWang and KaiSell.

Maybe a co-founder will take on this project again in the future, but once again, for now, KaiSell is down, and thanks for everyone that was on the journey with us.

We will continue to put in work for you,

Kevin, iWang815